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Introducing the MYE Health Kiosk, an FDA-approved body analysis kiosk that accurately measures weight, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, heart rate, and blood pressure.

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Accurate, Gold-Standard Measurements Including:

  Body Fat Percentage
  Lean Body Mass
  Body Weight – Medical Grade Scale
  Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure
  Heart Rate

Collect Member Health Data on One Device
Easily Transfer Data to Authorized Health Networks
Results Scanned by Smartphone or Printed at Kiosk
No Network Connection Required

The MYE Health Kiosk Mobile App

MYE Health Kiosk Scanner Instantly Uploads Health Measurements.
Optional TV Audio Powered by AppAudio.

Scan Results with MYE Health Kiosk App or Print Results

MYE Health Kiosk FAQs​

Does the MYE Health Kiosk Require Network Connection?

No network connection required. Users capture their health measurements by scanning a unique QR code with their smartphones to instantly upload to their account or print their results at the kiosk. This capability allows the MYE Health Kiosk to be deployed in any part of a facility using a standard power outlet. 

How is Health Data Shared and Integrated Into Other Systems?
Unlike other solutions where API’s are required between two system software applications to facilitate the transfer of data, the MYE Health Kiosk allows for a smartphone application to retrieve the user’s health data directly. Since the kiosk displays bio-metric measurement results as a digital QR code, it allows for data integration directly into a customer application (license fee required).  

What Are The HIPAA Requirements?

The MYE Health Kiosk is not subject to HIPAA because it does not generate any protected health information (PCI) or transmit identifiable information as defined by HIPAA.  The kiosk is not connected to or in communication with what HIPAA refers to as a “covered entity” (i.e., electronic health record system, doctors office, hospital, etc.).  The kiosk generates anonymous consumer health information (CHI) that is not directly shared with a covered entity.  The MYE Health Kiosk can be configured to allow a phone app to send data to a HIPAA compliant system, for example, Valdidic or Redox. Our solution allows for data to be shared directly into an electronic health record by leveraging the pre-existing HIPAA compliant solutions on the market.

Is There Assembly Required?

The MYE Health Kiosk was designed to assemble quickly and easily. Once assembled, plug the unit into any standard power outlet and the system is ready to begin taking measurements.

MYE Health Kiosk Technology vs. Bio-Electrical Impedance (“BIA”) Devices.

MYE Health Kiosk

The MYE Health Kiosk measures body fat percentage using patented harmless
near-infrared technology.  Studies have shown that our near-infrared technology is equivalent to hydrostatic underwater weighing.  Get MYE Health Kiosk measurements at any time without restrictions.

Bio-Electrical Impedance (“BIA”) Devices

BIA devices send low-level AC electricity through the body to measure the amount of water and electrolytes in the body.  These measurements are used to calculate body fat percentage. BIA measurements vary throughout the day because the body’s hydration, electrolyte level, exercise, and food consumed.

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