MYE Wireless CableSAT Channel Changer

Wirelessly Changes Cable Box or Satellite Box Channels

To receive basic programming cable companies often require a cable box for each cardio machine TV. The MYE Wireless CableSAT Channel Changer is the first and only solution for the commercial fitness industry that allows the change of channels on any cable or satellite box up to 1,000 feet away. Patent pending MYE Fitness design combines RF and IR technology for the highest quality wireless transmission without interruption and, importantly, is authorized by leading fitness equipment manufacturers.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Wirelessly changes cable or satellite box channels from Cardio Machine TVs up to 1,000* feet away (depending on facility layout and environment).
  • Works with standard cardio machine TVs and embedded screens from any brand of cardio machine.
  • Eliminates unsightly IR wires between cable or satellite box and cardio TVs.
  • Pre-programmed to work with all major brand boxes including AT&T®, Bright House®, Charter®, Comcast®, Cox®, DirecTV®, Dish®, Time Warner®, Verizon®, WOW® and others.
  • Remote IR Learning Capability — CableSAT Receiver learns IR remote commands from a variety of Cable and Satellite box IR remote controls onsite.

Wireless CableSAT Transmitter

Patent Pending.

Wireless CableSAT Receiver

Patent Pending.

New Fitness Brand 15.6 TVs with Built-In MYE CableSAT Option

“MYE and Matrix USA have partnered for over 10 years. The MYE Wireless CableSAT provides a smooth and valuable solution for the changing TV landscape. This is a great value added feature for facilities faced with the challenge of having to install individual cable or satellite boxes for each TV.”

– Aaron Raulin, Matrix Assistant Technology Product Integration Manager

“The heart of our new Open Hub cardio platform is flexibility. We have designed our product so that we can work seamlessly with expert partners to provide solutions our customers need. The MYE Wireless CableSAT system is a fantastic solution that addresses one of the real growing issues for our customers.”

– Travis Vaughan, Director of Cardio and Technology at Core Health & Fitness


Don’t see your brand? No Problem. MYE CableSAT learns the channel commands from any brand IR remote control on site.

MYE CableSAT Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Wireless CableSAT Channel Changer work?

A. A CableSAT Transmitter is connected to the TV and a CableSAT Receiver is connected or placed in the vicinity of the IR receiver window of the cable or satellite box. A wireless command is sent from the CableSAT Transmitter to the CableSAT Receiver to change the channel on the cable or satellite box when a user changes channel from TV or cardio machine console.

Q. Are there any wires between the TV and Cable or Satellite box?

A. There are no wires between the CableSAT Transmitter and Receiver. TV coax and power are required.

Q. Does CableSAT work with any brand cable, satellite or IPTV box?

A. CableSAT works with many major brand cable or satellite boxes right out of the box. In the event of a special box or brand, the CableSAT receiver has the ability to learn the channel commands directly for IR based remote controls on site. Once the first CableSAT receiver learns the IR commands, then it clones all other CableSAT receivers for quick installation.

Q. Will CableSAT work with older cardio machine TVs?

A. Yes. CableSAT is available for Life Fitness, Matrix, MYE, Precor, Star Trac, StairMaster LCD TVs and also works with various other off-brand TVs.

Q. Is CableSAT available for cardio machines with embedded screens?

A. Yes. CableSAT is available for Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix, Precor, Star Trac, Woodway and many others.

Q. What is the wireless transmission range between CableSAT Receiver and Transmitter?

A. Depending on the layout and environment, CableSAT signals can reach up to 1,000 feet.

Q. What is the difference between MYE CableSAT and the BroadcastVision (BVE) CAB system?

A. The BVE CAB system is wired product and requires a wire between the CAB device and the cable or satellite box. See MYE Direct Connect CableSAT Channel Changer

Q. Can the BroadcastVision (BVE) CAB system Learn IR Commands On-site?

A. You cannot point any IR remote to the BV CAB unit for it to learn the IR commands on site.

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