Valencia, CA (PRWEB) February 7th, 2017

Valencia, CA — February 7, 2017 — MYE, Inc. and FreeMotion Fitness announce that MYE Integrated Club TV Audio Receivers are now an option available in FreeMotion Fitness cardio equipment, stated Tony Garcia, MYE president, and Dan Toigo, Senior Vice President & Managing Director.

Club TVs and cardio machines with built-in TV audio receivers remain the top-selling cardio entertainment system worldwide. Integrated MYE wireless receivers provide audio from any ceiling or wall mounted TV connected to TV audio transmitters. Exercisers plug in headphones, select the TV channel on the console and enjoy their favorite programs. MYE wireless receiver technology is compatible with all MYE, Cardio Theater, and other TV transmitters. TV select, volume controls, and headphone jack are integrated into the cardio machine console.

“FreeMotion is continually striving to create the best workout experience for our customers and their members,” said Toigo. “By offering an entertainment option made possible through MYE technology, we feel as though we moved that workout experience one step higher today.”

“FreeMotion Fitness customers now have the choice of having MYE Wireless Audio Receivers built into their cardio equipment,” said Garcia. “Our seamless wireless technology is the industry standard and convenient for both the facility and their members.”

About FreeMotion Fitness

FreeMotion is committed to innovation and growth. Through the intellectual properties provided by their parent company, ICON Health & Fitness, FreeMotion creates new products that are revolutionizing the exercise industry, continuing a history that began 40 years ago.

About MYE, Inc.

MYE, Inc. is the industry’s largest and most trusted global provider of fitness entertainment technology, including wireless TV Audio receivers and transmitters, AppAudio Smartphone TV Audio system, Wireless CableSAT Channel Changer, and MYE Smart Digital Signage. Advanced product design makes MYE technology the choice of major cardio equipment brands. Visit MyeFitness.com or call 800-779-6759 or 661-964-0217.

Press contact: Ralph Cissne, rc@morganroad.com

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